Five Spy Movies You Must See

The XX Committee

I regularly get asked which movies dealing with espionage I would recommend people to see. That’s a tougher question than it might appear, since most of the movies out there that purport to be about spying and intelligence, in any reality-based sense, are simply dreadful — either as movies, or as depictions of actual espionage, or often both.

Perusing this “50 best spy movies list,” which includes most of the movies considered “classics” by the public, it’s difficult to count more than a handful of them as remotely reality-based about the world of intelligence, not to mention that many of them are just awful movies, and more than a few are approximately as accurate, espionage-wise, as any of the Austin Powers films.

Which films would I recommend then? Here are five of my favorites which I think anybody who wants to understand espionage a tad more, and have fun doing…

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LayerOne 2012 – John Norman – Physical Security: Bridging the Gap With Open Source Hardware by noid23

This talk will be a follow-up to last year’s overview of physical access control systems and the vulnerabilities and challenges associated with implementing them. Highlights include new research on DIY access control, fusion of off-the-shelf sensors and other cheap technology to maximize physical security and minimize false alarms, and a new project involving the Raspberry Pi physical computing platform. Additionally, a series of new open-source security monitoring and interoperability protocols under development will be discussed. Sample code using the Arduino IDe will be provided, along with links to a wiki with reference designs and protocol standards.