Cyber Threats

INFOGRAPHIC: The Cybercriminal Underground

TrendLabs, a leading information security firm, published this really awesome infographic about the cybercriminal underworld. It’s certainly worth a look.

                                                    (click to enlarge)


INFOGRAPHIC: Twacked! When good Twitter accounts go bad.

Given that we do so much communicating via social media about a variety of topics both personal and professional and the permanence of the content we post, it should be no surprise that those social media accounts are being sought out more and more by nefarious parties. The question is what are you doing to protect your account.

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VIDEO: Security Threats by the Numbers – Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report

The kind folks at Cisco published their Annual Security Report. What I like about what they did is they chose to publish in a video infographic format. As you can tell, I’m a HUGE fan of infographics. However, if you’re a stickler for PDF reports, I’ll have a link below the video of the entire report.

Some interesting facts:
  • Global cloud traffic will increase sixfold over the next five years, growing at a rate of 44 percent from 2011 to 2016.
  • Only one in five respondents say their employers do track their online activities on company-owned devices, while 46 percent say their employers do not track activity.
  • 90 percent of IT professionals surveyed say they do indeed have policies that prohibit company-issued devices being used for personal online activity—although 38 percent acknowledge that employees break policy and use devices for personal activities in addition to doing work.
  • Cisco’s research shows significant change in the global landscape for web malware encounters by country in 2012. China, which was second on the list in 2011 for web malware encounters, fell dramatically to sixth position in 2012. Denmark and Sweden now hold the third and fourth spots, respectively. The United States retains the top ranking in 2012, as it did in 2011, with 33 percent of all web malware encounters occurring via websites hosted in the United States.

To read more of the report, click here.

INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Facebook Security

I found this infographic on  Some of this may be old news.  In light of what we know about Twitter’s latest data breach, I wonder how Facebook has fared under similar attacks.  If you have any knowledge or even a broad understanding, we would welcome any commentary you might have.

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